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mind-blowing ideas from a team with laser-sharp eye

Most people know about laser cutting but few know how versatile it can be. It is this versatility that enables creatives to communicate in a very personal and inventive way with their markets. Agnes and Caroline recognised this knowledge gap and started My Design Station. Unlike other companies who offer 3-D printing and CNC (Computer Numerical Control), Agnes and Caroline had an enthusiasm and knowledge for the potential that is all part of the service. Talk to them and they will come up not only with a great idea but make it work. The result: mind-blowing and affordable at the same time.


They have invested heavily in their self-belief and, though the company is still young, its future is assured. They understand the market and its needs; they are intelligent, innovative, highly motivated and charming. Finally, they price themselves to appeal to the market rather than their bank accounts.


Says Agnes: “We were flatmates a few years ago, one day, we came up with this (initially crazy) idea of laser cutting studio. We are both very different in character but work together in harmony. It is a partnership that works for our clients and ourselves. It’s perfect!”


Caroline agrees" “We knock ideas about until there’s that ‘Eurika’ moment when we can see how the idea works technically, creatively and within budget. We do not have set working hours, we work as the projects demand. From dawn to dusk is typical. And we work as closely with clients as they wish.”


Clients are keep up to date with the progress of their projects through regular status reports.


Facilities include a laser machine (bedsize 900 x 600 mm) in Leicester  Square and a much larger CNC machine (bedsize 2440 x 1220 mm) in the Somerset House. My Design Station is supported by a team of experienced young craftsmen who share their pride in the work they do.


Successes are counted not in cash but in testimonials. Click here and you will see why!